Friday, April 17, 2015

Having a cold is better than the flu

February I had the flu and T took care of me.  A new experience.  Mom always shut me away and I either survived or not.

So Tuesday I ate too much junk from the $an Carlos store and started coughing.  Like the many seniors here at the club.  And Wednesday I ate salad and junk.  So yesterday I still felt sick.  I ate some junk and good stuff and today I'm much better.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lemony Snicket 10-pg234

Trying times require increasing creativity and fortitude for survival. 

Disaster creates smarter, faster, kinder kids.  If they survive.

Book eight was at the senior's library so in my typical fashion I read the entire series.  13 books from the library.

Like Grimm fairy tales, very dark, tragic stories.  People die and bad people triumph for awhile and bad things will continue while residing on this planet.

Saturday, March 21, 2015



I realized being here at Angel's Camp has sooo many ties that I can cut and remodel. 

It's close to Bear Valley.  The cite of the horrible no-honeymoon.  

Strawberry the last town b4 Sam's world.

The redoing of the sick trip w/lizm. 

I'm sooo much better, there's no comparison. 

The mountain driving is hard on the  back.  Walking up and downhill is exhilarating and having all day to stretch is HEAVENLY.  HAVENLY.

Got here 3*18 Wednesday after 4.   Thursday the sales talk.  Savemart.  Yesterday, Friday, walking around downtown bought a rock.  $1.50.  Talked to tourist bureau.  Came home and rested.  It's difficult to determine the level of tiredness when I feel so elated.  You could even say elevated here in the mountains.  Ha, ha!

Oh, and I'm over the b-days, bidets.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Saw an idiot in gym. Now I already knew he was an idiot.  So my behavior makes me an idiot.

I was just amazed he had the nerve to brag-volunteering on prop j by wearing a $ tee shirt.

Remember where you are.  At least I've identified for sure one of the 60% idiots who believed the liars.  Actually that whole gang.  Men who talk and talk and talk.  "Do nothings-but talk".

The men in the gym are here because they don't like or get along with real women only servants.

Supposed to go to Angels Camp Wednesday with T driving.  He says we'll take my car wink, wink.  So I don't know.  SS is visiting and he's very depressed.  D can be very mean.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

1/1/15 Happy New Year-and at this moment I am

Spent the eve at Yerba Buena High School.  The noise at  a powwow doesn't aggravate me like most loud noises do.  I actually find it soothing.  Opera and loud noises usually make me very angry. 

Had an Indian taco for the first time.  I actually had $7 I could spend on food.  I usually consider it a luxury that doesn't last so last year I spent $5 on alabaster and hematite stretch bracelets.  Then I was too full.  It was very good and I ate every huge bite. 

So today is washing sheets and general housekeeping.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Best Halloween ever

Realized today that the dread I have living at Nobili is old dread and probably not even my feelings.  A was never home because she hated it there and yet she chose to move back and try to get Mit and I to live with her.  Crazy!!!!

It occurred to me that living in a camper would make me feel light.

And give me time to organize the mess.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ouch-Feeling the Healing

Mourning what I never had and maybe never will.  Mourning what I had instead.  Mourning what might have been.  My body is so stiff and sore.  The body remembers every blow. 

My head's been hurting on the outside.  My feet, legs, everything at different times.

I was up and down all night.  Watched dvds to fall asleep. 

I've just been feeling stressed and tired.  I'm tired of feeling tired. 

The only way to heal is to feel it and process.  Wait for it to dissipate.

I had a very weird, quiet weekend. Saturday Costco gas b4 the rain predicted.  Fresh and Easy two dinners.  Maria came by, no phone call to drop off JCP shirt that just isn't me.  I was in the middle of excavating the stove so I sent her off to finish.  Talked to no one Sunday and felt so calm.  Maybe I just want a bs free zone.  Give me the bottom line