Thursday, August 14, 2014

Doing more now and enjoying it more!

This is the most I've done for the longest continuous number of days.  From Monday the 4th I drove CJ to Fremont, Tuesday Campbell library, Saturday Northside library opening, Sunday Main library, Monday ,Tuesday PGE meeting, Wednesday movie TMNT in 3D dinner at TD's, And today's the 14th.

It's been 14 years. 

And what do I Want To Do?  Been watching 3rd Rock from the Sun. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

united states of autism-dvd

And more is being revealed.  Raun K. Kaufman is in the movie.  Sonrise, by his dad Barry S. Kaufman. 

Been balancing doing with being.  And winning.  Touch and go at times.  Tomorrow St. Nicholas rummage. 

Missed Los Altos United Methodist in May.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

asperger day 8*4*14 w/CJ

Cj insisted I not cancel Sr. lunch so I drove directly.  12 miles half hour.  Then I drove his car to Newark and thought of my past.  (googled Dr. Woo no results.)

Such a great day.  Toured through Fremont to Thrifttown and had lovely time looking.  Ate pizza at Bronco Billy's.  Yeeha!  By the time we finished we decided to lay low from the traffic at Saver's Milpitas.  Avoided traffic and the toll on 237.  Arrived Los Altos 6:30, home by 7.

And this morning, Great!!!

Forgot smokes so very add.  Bought some Walgreen's Fremont.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Free Lunch 7*27*14 Sunday-St Justin

To my way of thinking everything can be free.  Everything is energy.  The sun is free. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

90* day HOT-HOT-HOT

Yesterday and today staying in the cool at seniors.  I'm amazed when I consider how sick I was and how badly I felt.  How limited I was.

My life has improved.  And I'm learning how to keep my energy by not feeling responsible for others.

Gil keeps asking me to dinner and movie but when I say ok he hems and haws.  He spends all this attention on his face and how he appears, none on the rest of him.

I'm learning.
Typical alcoholic commitmentphobic behavior to act like needy puppy.  Too close too soon and then fear filled and avoidance.  Pushing, intruding, forcing the other person to delineate boundaries to make them feel guilty to manipulate them.  All an act.  None of it reality. 

Acting GOOFY and on drugs and denying. 

Need for attention and then pulling away, broken promises.  Blaming his behavior on the other person.  His calling 5 times in one day to say hi.  Like Arlene.  Ridiculous.  Riddick-ulous.

Forcing other people to react to them making them feel in control. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I watched Frozen dvd, $anta, Chase cash.  Still very hot.  Unless the wind picks up it will be in the 90's again. 

Spent the whole, entire day here at the Sr. Ctr.  Went home in time for Xwords.  Tried out spaghetti sauce last night and bought more today.  Same with toilet cleaner. 

Didn't go to Savers half off sale yesterday.  Chose not to go.  I'm very satisfied with my hematite bracelets from last Fri.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wisdom for a HAPPY HEALTHY DEATH-Do not like the new blog configuration-the old style was clearer and easier to use, this one is too much guesswork on the limits and meanings. And it automatically edits and adds flourishes.

Old people deteriorate because otherwise they'd want to live forever. 

Most people are totally selfish.  Most want the rules to apply to everyone else and themselves to be special and exempt.  The way to live a happy healthy life is to wholeheartedly plan a happy and healthy death.

OK. Changed my mind about new format.  It is an improvement.

Big win yesterday.  Wheelchair bully tried to engage me in her "help me" drama.  Like the fly trapped in the spider's web.  Been there, done that with dad.   Don't want or need to do it again.  I'll just watch her fade out. 

Remembering how dad wanted to be the invalid with all around him catering to his every need.  Lonely, unpleasant people.  The only way to trap company.  Like Lucille.

The lesson of the FLY.  The lost cause crying for help.  Insincere.  Lucille is the spider and the fly.

Looked up Dr. Fari and her YELP is baaad.  What and how do I help?  Ehh,  she may deserve it.  How do I know.  Who do I think I am.

I don't need to do anything.  Not my job.